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The Liquidation Story
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Liquidations Anyone?
Consumer Liquidations! No, it’s not assassinations for sale!  We are talking about the business of locating overstocked, unwanted or discontinued consumer products at a fraction of what it cost the manufacturing company to make it.
Oh.  How is this possible? I’ll tell you.  Lets start with how come the liquidation business exist in the first place.  There is well over 60,000 Completed Consumer Manufacturing Companies in the Continental United States.
By this I mean that these companies make things like watches, leather goods, purses, gold and silver jewelry, books, household appliances, sporting goods, canned foods televisions, radios etc and they are all packaged and ready to be put on a shelf in a retail store for sale.
Now, at times and due to various reasons, too much of an item is made by mistake.  I am talking about one hundred thousand or a half a million items too much.  For example, products are made and the customer ordering them goes bankrupt before taking delivery and so on.
Manufacturing companies are then left with unwanted, discontinued or overstocked items.  Usually these items are unique to the customer they make them for.  These unwanted products take up warehouse space, which the manufacturer vitally needs to store other products for active customers.   For this reason, the manufacturing companies have a very high motivation to get rid of these products.
Usually the manufacturing company will write the expenses of producing these products off as a tax loss, so anything he/she can get for them is a bonus of sorts.  In the Liquidation business, the manufacturing companies normally sell these products to liquidation companies and individuals for about 10 percent or less of the retail value or 30% of the manufacturing cost.
Like any business, there are pitfalls to watch out for!  You can buy a manual for about $300.00.  Then spend another $100.00 on phone consultation and just about the time you are about to spend more money, find out that the products that you have been finding and sending off to the company you bought the manual from, ARE NOT BEING SOLD.   By the time you wise up, you could be out $500.00 plus.
When you get through the pitfalls or find someone who has been through them, there are bonuses!  Yes – there is a bonus.  The liquidation business is exciting, interesting and very rewarding.  In doing the locating of products, you will be receiving a half a dozen sample of each inventory you work with.
Three of these will be sent on to the company you work with.  These samples are not returned.  However you still have 3 samples on hand.  What you do with them is entirely up to you.  You could send them out to other buyers you yourself have personally collected to see if they are interested, give them away as presents or sell them.  If you sell them, be sure to get your seller’s license! Most of all have fun with it!  Clifford Woods (